The Heart of A Sadhaka | Cultivating Dedication, Honor and Gratitude

November 28, 2019

A walk through the heart-scape of the student;

Plant the seeds to let Love grow.


Cultivate the greatest of values that keep us steadfast and evolving toward the perfect state of union: dedication, honor, and gratitude. Explore how these qualities are real and unique to your experience and learn how to bring reverence and gratitude into the areas of difficulty in your own life.

Let the daily sadhana bring about visions of peace and beauty by cultivating these values. Natalie Macam guides each participant to create a personal sadhana (asana and pranayama, meditation, etc.) and altar that speaks to his/her unique truth and pure honesty. By creating mirrors of our hearts, we are reminded and encouraged to make the journey each of us is tasked upon. Natalie’s self-healing experience (from 15 years of chronic lower back injury) through the practice brought about the role of teacher; this infused new life into her other roles as dancer, rock-climber and snowboarder. Present fulfillment of her journey includes the study with Shiva Rea and senior-teacher Twee Merrigan at the Samudra Global School of Living.

We will be using sound as a both a healing and awakening modality through chanting, crystal bowls, live and recorded sound aids.  By practicing meditation with sound support and guidance, you will be able to access your own truth both inside and out, having found the well-spring of your heart. This retreat will restore your sense of balance and equanimity, establishing you in your practice and cultivating a sense of inner peace and contentment.


Energy exchange fee is at 520 USD and is inclusive of daily asana, pranayama and meditation classes, airport/seaport transfers, full board and vegetarian / vegan meals for 4D/3N.


Program Details:

We begin our retreat with a puja ceremony at noon on Friday, November 2, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean fronting our retreat grounds. The puja will be offered as thanksgiving by the facilitators, participants, and retreat staff for the guests’ safe arrival on the island, and to seek the blessings of the Divine for the journey we are about to embark on. During the puja, facilitators and participants will express their individual intentions for the retreat.


Vegetarian and vegan lunch will follow the ceremony. Guests will then have time to settle into their home for next three days.


The program Maha Mahal and Tiger Wave Yoga designed follows the same routine and style of ashram life. Between our sadhana, silence will be observed except for when group or individual tours are schedule. There will be ample time to learn how to surf and explore the lagoons, caves, and other scenic areas on the island.

We will be fully immersed in sadhana, practicing asana, pranayama and various meditation styles twice daily.


We will explore various meditation styles including chanting and meditation with sound aids, mantra, japam, mindful eating and walking meditation in the forests of Siargao.


Part of Philippine culture is the prevalent observance All Soul’s and Saint’s day on the 1st and 2nd of the month. Filipino families get together and from all regions of the country return to their ancestral lands and hold 2-day vigils at the site of their relatives’ resting place. During a visit to local burial grounds on the 3rd of November, participants and facilitators will make an offering to the dead by creating mandalas made out of various petals of local flowers and leaves. Mandala creation is a form of meditation; we will ask participants to meditate on the mortality of the body, the eternal nature of the atma, and silently honor the lives of loved ones and friends who have passed.


On the last day, November 5, Monday, we will offer a thanksgiving puja in front of the world-famous Cloud 9 surf break (wave) and practice with the sunrise before participants check-out after brunch. Flights out of the island via domestic airline departs before noon (